Psalm 61:3

Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer; for You have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy.

Letters to Exiles

What is an exile?

These are letters to the men and women who find themselves lost in a post-modern world.  They walk through the routine of daily life.  They see the world around them.  They know something is wrong.

These people cannot put their finger on it.  They cannot pinpoint the problem.  But they feel it.

The world is gray when it should be in full color.  Life is hollow.  It is empty.

Despite all the entertainment, the luxury, the sex, the entertainment, that is at their fingertips, they are bored.

This is an invitation for those people to explore Christian faith, to look deeper into the worldview founded on Jesus Christ.  The Scriptures will open your eyes to the high definition, full-spectrum color of life lived in the Gospel of Jesus.

As Dr Martin Luther wrote:

                “But for this we are baptized, for this we hear the Gospel and believe in Christ, that we may set aside all these vocations…and turn from this world to another existence and life where there is neither servant nor master, neither maid nor mistress, neither wife nor husband, but where we are altogether equal and one in Christ Jesus, which equality begins here in faith, but yonder is made perfect in sight, where there is no death, but only eternal and imperishable life, no sin, but only righteousness and innocence, no fear nor sorrow, but only security and joy, no dominion nor authority nor power, but God alone will be All in All; in short, where God and Christ Himself is with all His elect and saints.  Unto this eternal life we have been baptized, unto this life Christ has redeemed us by His blood and death, and to reach this life we have received the Gospel.” 

The Holy Spirit is calling you from a boring, mundane, routine of pointless post-modernism to the rich, robust life that is never boring.