Psalm 61:3

Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer; for You have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Your Spouse IS Your Soul Mate


Soul Mates

These days young people want to marry their soul mate.  They believe that there is one person, one prefect person out there, whose spirit was cut from the same cloth as their own.  And when they find that will be AWESOME, a match made in heaven.

So a young man searches and searches.  He does not marry his high school sweetheart because he is just not sure about her.  He dates around in college, but no one hits that spot.  Then one day he sees her.  She is sitting in a coffee shop, drinking the same latte as he, wearing a t-shirt advertising his favorite band, and she is reading his favorite book.  A match destined in the stars.

So he approaches her, asks her out, and the rest is history.  They are married 2 years later.  The wedding is beautiful and filled with emotion.  Both man and wife feel that this is ordained by heaven.  They rush off into the honeymoon, and even when they return from their tropical location the bliss continues for months.

Then it happens.  Hubby comes home to find the little woman agitated because he left his cereal bowl on the kitchen table that morning.  An epic battle ensues where he says mean things, she retaliates, and both go to bed angry.  In the morning she gets up and leaves for work before they can have a good talk about it.

While he is at lunch, explaining to his co-worker how obvious it is that his wife overreacted, he lays eyes on a new spirit.  Drinking his latte, wearing his band t-shirt, reading his book, and she is wearing glasses.  He has always loved a woman in glasses.

That must be it.  This woman is his soul mate, not his wife.  How could he have missed it?  How could he have been so blind?  Now it all made sense.  His wife had always been a little different.  Now that he really thought about it, there were all sorts of things wrong with her.

There is only one course of action.  Approach this woman.  Grab hold of this new soul mate and divorce his wife.  After all, it is fate.  Destiny has brought them together.  How can he do otherwise.

The problem with looking for a soul mate, with searching for that one person whose soul is cut from the same cloth as yours, is that they do not exist.  Just as no two bodies are exactly the same, no two souls are alike.  Each is uniquely created by God.  Each is fouled up by the fall into sin.

If you are looking for "the one" then you need to stop, because they are not out there.  If you are married, however, there is good news.  Your soul mate sleeps next to you every night.

Here is how it happens.  On your wedding day God takes two different people, two unique individuals, and He quilts them together.  He sews them into one garment, into one flesh.  Their individual souls are mated, united until death.

"But what about divorce?"  Well, that is a good point.  Divorces happen.  But if you ask any person who has gone through that event they will tell you it feels like their heart was torn in two.  Their soul was ripped apart.  And it was.  What God had joined together someone has rent asunder.

Once you are married, that is it.  There is no one else, no one more perfect.  All men are flawed.  All women are imperfect.  All people are sinners.  You can stop looking for your "real" soul mate.  They are probably right in front of you.

Your spouse is your soul mate.  How can you know for sure?  God said so.  Go back to those wedding vows.  Go back to that pronouncement of "husband and wife".  What is it that God has joined together?  Two souls in one flesh.

So husbands, go home tonight and tell your lady that she is indeed your soul mate.  God told you so.  Wives, let your man know that God has destined you to be together.  God has done it, and that makes it meant to be.

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